Top Ten Top X Lists

TOP 10 Top X Final Girls LISTS

Who are best Final Girls in Horror Films?  It’s a question that has spawned many a list.  Here are the Top 10 Top X Lists (according to me), the results they found and the worst one just for luck.


All of the lists mentioned here, including this post’s compiled list give away the identity of final girls in the films listed.


Top/Best/Fiercest:  Once again it’s an undefined quality that the compilers or voters use.

The Final Girl:  A lot of academic research has gone into the concept and what it means.  Basically, it’s the character (usually female) that faces the killer in the final battle and often win.

Honorary Mention

A good list, but does not meet the basic criteria.

  • Crustula’s The Seven Best Not-So Final Girls: As it says in the title, a list of the often overlooked also-rans.  The girls who didn’t make the cut.  Literally.

Dishonorary Mention

Every list has a bottom entry, this is it:

#17. Moviefan Central’s My Top Sixteen Horror Movie Heroines/Final Girls (Re-done)

Top 16 List


I don’t really mind that the #1 entry is so out their that it’s the only one that includes her of the 17 lists viewed.  Difference makes these interesting.  What I hate is the formatting.  The dumped text block meant that I didn’t even really look beyond that first entry.  It just hurt too much.

Now, on to the list proper…

The Top Ten

#10.  Westword’s Slashers and Survivors: Horror’s top 5 “final girls.” (Matt Miner)

Top 5 List


Standard list, only a Top 5 so no room for surprises.  Trite text and pictures.


#9.  Listal: The Best Final Girls.

Ranking List (Listal Top Rated used)

As ranked at 27/11/2013

Just actress names instead of characters (as if it was the actresses themselves fighting evil), a film list and ranking info.  Of interest for a “popular vote”.


#8.  Deadly Movie’s Best Final Girls.

Top 5


A pretty standard list, the usual pictures and text pieces and has 4 pretty standard entries.  #4 however is unique on the lists and makes this list worth checking out just for her.


#7.  Cinedelphia’s Still Alive: The Top Ten Final Girls (Final Girl Support Group)

Top 10


Some interesting analysis in the brief text pieces defeated by some formatting issues.  Tries too hard to segue into each new entry but shows its cinema leanings with a unique entry at #9.


#6.  Slant Magazine’s Ranking the Top 10 Final Girls of Horror Cinema (R Kurt Osenlund)

Top 10


Two entries on each of the 5 pages.  The choices are pretty standard but the text reads like a Top 40 Radio DJ counting down the hits.


#5.  Happy Nice Time People’s Sole Survivors: Ranking the Final Girls of Horror Films (Coked up Jesus)

Reverse Top 7


Some interesting choices especially the last three and manages to include a sexy Sigourney Weaver pic for the guys.


#5.  SciFiNow’s Top 10 Best Final Girls in Horror Movies (Jodie Tyler)

Reverse Top 10


Pretty ordinary, except #9.  Has links to Amazon for each of the movies mentioned.


#4.  Rotten Cotton’s The Ten Best Final Girls (Chuck Conry)

Top 10


Solid piece of work, but nothing really stands out about it.


#2.  Nerdist’s Get Out Alive! Our Top Ten Final Girls in Horrors Movies (Kyle Anderson)

Top 10


Standard stuff (including a Final Boys at #9)


#1.  Buzzfeed’s The 25 Fiercest Final Girls (Louis Peitzman)

Top 25


Although I’m not sure what makes the characters on the list “fiercest” except that it makes a far cooler sounding title, this list does at least make some attempt to address the concept of the final girl.  It also include a final boys at #17 & 10.

The Compiled List

This list is created by giving a #1 entry on a list 10 points, #2 9 points and so on and adding the results from the 10 lists.  It does not necessarily reflect my opinion but shows trends on the lists.

Honorary Mention

Sarah Conner (Terminator franchise), Francine Parker (the original Dawn of the Dead) and Stevie Wayne (The Fog) all coming equal #13 while appearing on only one list each.

10.  (13)  Clarice StarlingSilence of the Lambs.

9.  (15)  Julie JamesI Know What You Did Last Summer.

8.  (16)  Stretch BrockTexas Chainsaw Massacre 2

7.  (20) Kristy CottonHellraiser

6.  (32)  Alice HardyFriday the 13th

5.  (38)  Sally Hardesty – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

4.  (43)  Sidney PrescottScream series

3.  (67)  Ellen RipleyAlien series

2.  (81)  Nancy ThompsonA Nightmare on Elm Street series.

1.  (92)  Laurie StrodeHalloween series.

For more on Laurie Strode, try:


The top four were regular high entries, pretty much uncontended.  Overall the trend in the top ten was reflected in all the lists, the more films of the series the higher on the list the character appeared, with preference for earlier Final Girls.  Popularity of the film/series was also a factor.

~ DUG.

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