Top Ten Top X Lists

TOP 10 Top X Scariest Animals in Australia LISTS

What are the most dangerous animals in Australia?  Whether correct or incorrect a lot of people online have created there own lists.  Here are, in my opinion, the Top 10 Top X Lists.


Scariest is obviously subjective.

Most Dangerous is objective, but often really just another way of saying scariest.  Some will do rank by actual fatalities.

Deadliest possibly synonym for Most Dangerous, although dangerous could include injuries and illness that don’t cause death.

Of course, how you define dangerous and deadly is also hard to define.  Does is an animal with an 100% death rate from their poison but only lives in the remote desert and never has human contact more or less deadly then something with a 1% fatality rate that bites a 1000 people a year?

Australia Day

Honorary Mention

This post at Outback Australia Travel Secrets which lists deadly things – animals and non-animal.

Australia Day

Dishonorary Mention

#14.  Good Morning America – The Seven Deadliest Australian Animals.  Brandy Zadrozny.

List, 8th June 2009.

A overly simplistic list that doesn’t clearly define how these things kill people (Stone Fish are trod on by unwary victims, not swallowed like their predators do) and includes animals “unlikely to kill” but leaves off many others.

Australia Day

The Top Ten

#10.  Discovery Car Hire – 10 Australian Animals to Avoid.  Christine Barton

Top 10 List, Unknown date.

A warning list with a single picture and simplistic advice.

Australia Day

#9.  Yes Australia – Dangerous Animals from Australia.

List, unknown date.

OK list with formatting issues.

Australia Day

#8.  Nomads World – Top Five Scary Australian Animals.

Top 5 List, 8th Jun 2009.

A fun list.  The only list brave enough to break the conspiracy of silence and mention Drop Bears.

Australia Day

#7.  Weird Worm – Satan’s Paradise: The Seven Most Terrifying Australian Animals.  C. Coville.

Top 7 List, 2011.

A fun list.

Australia Day

#6.  Off the Path – 10 Most Dangerous Animals of Australia.   Sebastian Canaves.

Top 10(ish) List,  23rd June 2011.

Personal encounters.  Formatting issues but interest despite text dumps.

Australia Day

#5.  Brainz – The 13 Scariest Australian Animals.

Top 13, unknown date.

A fun list, more snarky than outright funny.

Australia Day

#4.  Club Hotel – The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia.  Dave Emery.

Top Ten, 6th July 2006.

Nice top 10, with a nice picture for each but some formatting issues.

Australia Day

#3.  Australian Fauna – Australia’s Top Ten Scariest Animals.

Top Ten, unknown date.

Simple top ten, with links to other pages on the site for details.

Australia Day

#2.  Rent-a-Cheapy – The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia infographic.

Top Ten & Rating Poster.  22nd May 2012.

A Top Ten infographic, (also available here).  Pretty as all good infographics are, and also fully sourced and full of information.

Australia Day

#1.  Bob in Oz – Australia’s Killer Creatures and Death. (Bob)

Debunking.  Updated Mar 2012.

Not really a Top 10 list, but a debunking of the myth that there’s much real danger for Animals in Australia.  I used his figures to turn it into a top ten for the compilation list.

Australia Day

Compiled List

Honourary Mention for Honey Bees that came in at #11 and appeared on very few lists, mostly as a comparison noting that they kill more Australians each year than the more exotic creatures do.

10.  (19)  Huntsman Spider

9.  (25.4) Funnel Web Spider.

8.  (26)  Taipan.

7.  (28.5)  Brown Snake.

6.  (30.9)  Red Back Spider.

5.  (37.4)  Irukandji Jellyfish.

4.  (31.9)  Stonefish

3.  (47.4)  Crocodile/Salt Water Crocodile.

2.  (47.9)  Blue Ring Octopus.

1.  (66.9)  Box Jellyfish.

The clear winner is the Box Jellyfish.  For more information:

Australia Day


The one that most sites listed as the most deadly made, the Box Jelly, the areas where they exist usually have signage on beaches or special netting so people can avoid danger.  A couple of the lists (not enough for it to make the top ten) list the European Honey Bee, which kill far more people in Australia each year.  Maybe this says something about how dangerous these things really are.

~ DUG.

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