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TOP X TOPICS – Overview #2

All the Top X Topics posts since Overview #1:

Top X Lists Debunked

A new sub-blog taking lists of “facts” found online and checking how factual they really are.

Overthinking the Evil Overlord List.

Looking further into the “If I Were An Evil Overlord…” lists.  A recipe for success or just another way to die.

Top 10 Top X Lists.

There are some ideas for Top 10 Lists that are done over and over.  I look at these lists and find the best – and what the results are of combining the 10 best lists.

Top X Things You Probably Knew About…

When a list of trivia about a topic says that it is a list of things “You Don’t Know About…” I take it as a challenge.  Do you know these things or not?

~ DUG.

Other Overview Posts.



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