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How much do you know about Doctor Who?  You probably know if you’ve done the survey on List 1, but there are a lot of lists out there claiming to know what you don’t.  So let’s test another:  io9’s 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Doctor Who


The following video warns of the dangers of knowing too much about Doctor Who:


This is not intended to replace the original list.  Go read Charlie Jane Anders’  actual list at io9 before answering the questions below.  The questions below use that list but are not meant to replace it.  Also the headings without the extra detail are misleading without the information given on that page (not that that hasn’t stopped people reposting just the headings as facts.)   If you do the survey below without reading the original page, you are not getting the full story.

If you want to share the list, link to Attendly, not this page.  However, if you want to share the survey, linking here is fine.

This is not an attack on the original list.  It is meant as an exploration of “Top X things you didn’t know about…” lists.  If it comes off as a attack, I’m sorry, it is not meant that way.   Please read the Top X Things You Probably Knew About introduction page for the intent of these blogs.

The survey:

Questions #1 & #2 – are to gauge your level of interest in Doctor Who and your knowledge of trivia.

Questions #3 – #12 – are the headings of the facts from the list.

  • Please visit the page and read the full list before answering the questions.
  • You can pick as many options as you like for each of these questions.  Obviously “No, I did not know this” and “Yes, I knew this” are contradictory but if you really want you can waste your time choosing both for the same question.
  • You aren’t being tested or challenged, don’t feel the need to lie.  It is, rather, the list being tested.

Question #13 – is about the list, do you think it was generally accurate and matched it’s title.

Here’s the survey:

~ DUG.


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