TOP X TOPIC – Year Two

Internet Lists…


… the internet is full of them and this blog is about looking at them and sharing them.

Best Of The Top X Lists

(AKA The Top X Top 10 Lists)

  • Finds list that exist over and over again online, ranks the best ten lists and compiles and list based on those best ten lists.

The Things You Didn’t Know Challenge

(AKA Top X Things You Probably Knew About)

  • Looks at “Things You Didn’t Know” lists and tests if you knew them or not with a poll.


10 Short Films

(Various titles on other blogs)

  • Ten short films on a particular subject/genre or by a particular film maker.


10 Short Stories

(AKA Books Online on The Books On…)

  • Ten short stories (found online) by a particular author or on a particular subject/genre.



Sundays (Alternating weeks):

  • The TV & DVD Completist – Exploring my need to collect DVDs and my collection.
  • Unmade SF – Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror films, TV shows and episodes that were never made.



  • The Film Rules – Looking at the rules for a particular film genre and seeing if they’re true.


Thursdays (Alternating weeks):

  • Reviews On – Reviews on books, music and other things.
  • Truly Fiction – Posts about fiction and popular culture.


Saturday (Alternating weeks):


~ DUG.


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