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10 SHORT FILMS – about Robots

Lists are all over the internet, this blog looks at those lists.

There are a lot of short films available online, here are ten… about robots.


This list is sorted from (IMHO) best to worst.  I sometimes find that the descriptions of short films give too much away, so here are the 10 with just director, length, year.  Some contain violence or sexual themes and suggested nudity.

A Robot Walks Into A Bar.

Director:  Alex Rivera

Year:  2014

Time:  18 min.

Tetra Vaal

Director:  Neill Blomkamp

Year:  2004.

Time:  1 min.

Human Assembly

Contains Nudity

Director:  Bernhard Pucher

Year:  2008.

Time:  13 min 31 sec.


Director:  Rob McLellan.

Year:  2013.

Time:  9 min.


Director:  David Cage.

Year:  2012.

Time:  7 min.


Director:  Ruairí Robinson.

Year:  2011.

Time:  14 min


Director:  Aaron Sims.

Year:  2011.

Time:  7 min.


Directors:  Stephan Herman.

Year:  2013.

Time:  15 min.

Android Love

Director:  Lee Citron.

Year:  2009.

Time:  18 min 10 sec.

I’m Here

Director:  Spike Lee

Year:  2010.

Time:  29 min.

~ DUG.


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