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MY TOP X – And now more Top 10s By Me

Lists are all over the internet, this blog looks at those lists.  These are some of mine.


A sixth list of top-ish ten-ish lists on my blogs (after Top Ten Lists by Me,  More Top 10 lists by meEven more 10s By Me, Yet More Top 10s By Me and Still more Top 10s By Me.)

1.  MUSIC – Recommend to Me (Any One Album) List 1.

  • 10 Albums recommended to by others.


2 & 3.  BEST OF THE TOP TEN LISTS – Best Opening Lines From Novels.

  • 10 lists of opening lines found online.
  • A list of the best 10 compiled from those lists.



  • A list of 10 rules that Christmas Films follow.


5.  10 SHORT FILMS – About Robots.

  • As the title says.


6.  COMIC BOOK REFERENCES – Constantine.

  • 10 things from comics that appear in the TV series Constantine.


7.  NOT JUST SUPER HEROES – Auto-biographical & Semi-autobiographical comic.

  • 10 comic books & graphic novels about life.


8.  TEN SHORT STORIES BY – Terry Pratchett.

  • Discworld and other shorts by Terry Pratchett.


9.  COMIC ISSUES – Unmade Films.

  • 10 unmade films that were released by comics.


10.  SLASHER FILMS – The Rules [2]

  • An updated list of 10 rules that Slasher Films follow.

~ DUG.





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