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BEST OF THE TOP X LISTS – Best Cult Movies to Watch (Part 1)

Lists are all over the internet, this blog looks at those lists.


You must watch these cult films.  Or that’s what many internet lists tell us.  But what are the lists of cult films that are must-read?


Best – The usual best/greatest apply, but with a twist.  Some of these are the best films to watch because they’re the worst films around.  Cults are crazy.

Cult Movie – I’ve tried to define it before and it’s difficult.  Star Wars, despite its cultish following is too successful to count.  Some films were moderately successful but still have a following.  Some are sleeper hits.  Some are more nostalgia (usually 80s these days, but increasingly 90s) than cult.  Some are “some bad they’re good.”  Some are disturbing and that gets them a cult following.  Some are great to watch while high (usually about stoners, but not always).  Some are about high school and growing up and loved by people who were in high school or growing up.  Some are classic films still remembered or important early SF, horror or other genre films.  Weird films but directors who usually do weird films.  Any list is probably going to have films that some people don’t count as cult at all and all will have films missing that something thinks needs to be there.

Must Watch – Really sort of part of the “best”/”greatest” thing.


There’s a book out there called “101 Cult Movies You Must See Before You Die” and the internet living up to everything you expect from it has a number of lists that just rip off the book.


Dishonorable Mention

As always, there’s a worst list, and this one is it:

17.  Connect – 10 Must-See Cult Films. (Darsha Indrajith.)

Unordered Top 10.  24 February 2015.

  • A very 80s and high school flick centered list, seemingly more nostalgia than cult.  The films are mostly found on other lists, really Rocky Horror is it as out there as it gets.
  • The formatting sucks.  And the additional stuff (a Prince Bride meme and the Timewarp) just seem thrown in.
  • The descriptions seem like they’re being dictated by someone who’s distracted.  Probably but homework leftover from the eighties.
  • “Quentin Tarantino. ‘Nuf said.”  Well, no.  He’s none a few films, all of them have potential to be on a “Must See Cult Films” list.  Why this one?  I guess we’ll never know.


Honorable Mention

I couldn’t just pick one this time, so I have three.  These are great lists on the topic… they just don’t exactly fit the “Best Cult Movies to Watch” description so don’t make the list.

List Challenges – 100 Cult Movies (NickCato)

  • Works as a unnumbered list, but really a challenge to see how many you’ve seen.  Try it yourself.  See if you can beat my 45/100.

IFC – 15 Movies With Crazy Cult Followings (Andy Hunsaker)

  • This talks about the cult followings of 15 films.  A definitional, but oft ignore part of “cult movies.”

Flavorwire – 10 Cult Filmmakers Everyone Should Know (Judy Berman)

  • While lists of cult films are fine, there’s something to be said for following the works of a marker of cult films and this list allows you to try that.

Part 2 – The ListsPart 3 – The Films to follow.

~ DUG.

The Big Lebowski

Yeah, it’s the boring introduction bit.


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