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BEST OF THE TOP X LISTS – Best Cult Movies to Watch (Part 2)

Lists are all over the internet, this blog looks at those lists.


You must watch these cult films.  Or that’s what many internet lists tell us.  But what are the lists of cult films that are must-read?

Continued from Part 1 – Intro.

The Lists

10. – Top 20 cult films, according to our readers.

Top 20 Countdown

  • One-a-page, some navigation options.
  • Fairly tame mainstream list.
  • Trite descriptions.

9. IMDb – 400 Greatest Cult Movies. (Blackstatic)

Top 400 Count-up.  10th June 2013.

  • An exhaustive list.

8. Rollingstone – Reader’s Poll: The 25 Best Cult Movies of All Time.

Top 25 Countdown.  7th May 2014.

  • One-a-page but annoyingly with regular ads.
  • Includes trailer and good description.


7. Askmen – 10 Cult Films You Absolutely Should Know About.  (Dennis Ryan)

  • One-a-page but with full navigation.
  • Good descriptions, but with autostarting trailers.


6. Film Site – The Top 50 Cult Films. (Entertainment Weekly)

Top 50 Count-up.

  • Poorly formated.
  • No description just quotes, which is great if you know the films, otherwise not so much.
  • Two pages for absolutely no reason.


5. Nerve – The 50 Greatest Cult Movies of All Time. (Phil Nugent & Andrew Osbourne)

Top 50 Count-up.  27th Oct 2011.

  • Like all count-ups blows everything early.
  • Single page, standard layout.
  • Reasonable summaries.


4. Sundance TV – Top 10 Cult Films.  (Dayna Evans)

Top 10 Slideshow.

  • One-a-page slideshow with just previous and next navigation.  The backgrounds are pretty but essentially meaningless and annoying.
  • The descriptions are probably a little too casual and chatty.
  • Ten just isn’t enough for a list like this.


3. Gayot – Top 10 Cult Films.

Top 10 Countdown

  • One-a-page but full navigation.
  • Descriptions are a bit dry but effective.
  • Looks pretty bland but gets the job done.


2. Games Radar – The 34 Best Cult Movies of All Time.  (Total Film Staff)

Top 34 Slideshow.

  • One-a-page slideshow with limited navigation (next 5).
  • Good selection, with good decriptions.
  • The “Join the Cult” section should be a winning addition but comes off as either forced or patronising or both.

1. io9 – 30 Cult Films That Everyone Must See. (Jason Shankel, Emily Stamm and Jason Krell)

Top 30 Countdown.  7th Mar 14.

  • Single page, simple and effective layout
  • Interesting selection with solid, concise description of each film.

 Part 3 – The Films to follow

~ DUG.

Donnie Darko


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