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THE ORIGINAL COMICS – Weird Science: “Made of the Future”

Comics that later became films.


“Weird Science” was a comic published from 1950 – 1953 and for 22 issues.  Issue #5 contained the story “Made of the Future” which the film Weird Science (1985) was adapted from.

138364-18762-110881-1-happy-houlihansIn 1947 EC Comic released the comic The Happy Houlihans a comedy comic about a famiy… which lasted 2 issues.  To save money by using an existing postage registration, EC used the common practice of the time of simply renaming the comic but keeping the numbering and so Saddle Justice began with issue #3 in 1948 and became Saddle Romances wisaddleromances11th #9.  Come issue #12 and there was a new name:  Weird Science.  The Post Office, however, had caught onto the trick and demanded that new comics get new registrations, and after 4 issues Weird Science (#12 – 15) came the newly numbered Weird Science #5.

weird-science-5“Made of the Future” is the first story in Weird Science #5.  After Alvin Blanks fiancee abandons him to marry another man, he accidentally ends up in the future and buys a wife-kit.

The 8 pages of set up for about 5 pages of set up leading to about 1 1/2 pages of interaction with his new wife, which is OK, because this the “prefect” 50s wife.  The Deluxe model “never nags… never argues…” and does a range of domestic duties.  Apart from the choice between the normal model (which I assume nags and can’t cook) and the hair colour and height (A woman in the store works out the height he needs).  Skin colour, facial features, figure, and everything else is seemingly preset.  Which is fine because everyone thinks she’s beautiful and he’s lucky to have her and he’s able to make his ex jealous (and her knew husband who thinks she’s a shrew).

She’s a Stepford Wife, two decades before that book was released and played completely straight.  The horror of the newer story was, the thing to be desired in the comic book story.

weird-science-fantasy-23-first-merged-issueWeird Science continued until issue #22 (leading to another set of Weird Science #12 – 15) before it and Weird Fantasy were cancelled and replaced with Weird Science-Fantasy (starting with #23 and ending with #29).

In the 80s Joel Silver acquired the rights to EC Comics, leading to the 1985 film Weird Science and the later TV series based on it.  After the success of the Tales From the Crypt TV series, the short live Perversions of Science adapted several Weird Science stories.

Read “Made From the Future” here.

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