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FILMS FROM COMICS – Weird Science (1985)

Comics that later became films.

Weird Science

Weird Science (1985) is a John Hughes film loosely based on the story “Made of the Future” from EC Comics’s Weird Comics.

Weird Science is very much a John Hughes teen film, but with magic.

Weird Science - Future Homemakers

Kids today may not know this, but in the 80s computers were magic boxes that could do anything.  In this case a computer is used to create a hot fairy godmother for a pair of nerdy boys.  The premise – a pair of 15 year-old boys with a sexy woman who is not only willing to do anything they ask, but unable to refuse any request is fairly creepy, however, the boy’s lack of self-confidence and their apparent actual respect for Lisa means that they don’t actually do anything with her removing a lot of the creepy factor.

Weird Science - Wave of the Future

But it’s an 80s teen-sex comedy and you can’t have one of those without some creepiness.  Sure, the boys refuse to give Lisa to the bullies, but agree to make them a woman to control (in exchange for their girlfriends).  And there is also a scene where a surge of magic publicly strips an random female party-goer.  For comedy.

~ DUG.

Weird Science


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